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The company LM Liftmechanics was founded in 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine.The initial task was to supply lifts made in Germany, which later grew into a complex of closed-loop services for the supply of equipment, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance.At the moment LM Liftmechanics is engaged in the development of both lift components and the development of complete lift systems, which are unique in their technical characteristics.Today we supply lifts not only to customers in Ukraine, but also have experience in supplying equipment to Germany.
Our product range includes:- electrical wire rope lifts with machine room
- hydraulic lifts- machine room lifts- MRL lifts- panoramic lifts- custom non-standard lifts


The quality and safety

Thanks to the systematic approach to the equipment checking at all stages, you can be confident in the safety and quality of our products. The technical regulations on lifts safety have opened the way for innovations and creativity in lifts engineering. The regulations provide a solid, fundamental framework with regard to safety.
Carrying out a risk analysis makes it possible today to implement solutions that previously seemed unbelievable. An essential component of the lifts Directive is a comprehensive quality management system according to ISO 9001.



New developments in the lift industry require not only engineers’ hard work, but also effective research of market and customer requests. Our design bureau works not only for its own clients, but also for other manufacturers, including world-famous lift brands. We have a modern approach from the idea to the prototype, and then to mass production and commissioning . solutions that enable our customers to implement the most ambitious projects. We are creating the future togeter.



A lift from LM Liftmechanics is a gem in the elegant frame of your home. Due to the accumulated experience in the field of engineering solutions and know-how approach, we constantly improve our developments and develop new markets, as well as strengthen partnership relations with our customers. We persistently seek and find innovative


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