Elevator for a Restaurant in Lviv

Elevator with Unconventional DecorationLviv, Ukraine

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Elevator projects for restaurants always involve interesting stylistic and design solutions.
Our new case is a confirmation of this. The project was implemented in a Lviv restaurant. In the establishment where style and comfort are combined, the elevator became an excellent addition to the overall composition.

Moreover, the panoramic Comfort elevator with a 630 kg duty load was used, and its main feature is the unconventional decoration. In addition to transparent glass walls, it has a completely transparent floor made of tempered glass. Such a design leaves visitors anything but indifferent and allows people with limited mobility to visit the restaurant.

Equipment Installed

  • Elevator for a Restaurant in Lviv


    Panoramic Lift

    ● Duty Load: 630 kg
    ● Speed: 1.0 m/s
    ● Travel Height: 13.2 m
    ● Number of Stops: 5
    ● Glass cabin on all sides
    ● System: Microprocessor-controlled

Photos from the project


Supply of lift equipment

Installation and commissioning works