Elevator for Restaurant

Passenger Elevator with Wooden Finish Location: Lviv, Ukraine

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This project stands out primarily due to its location in the heart of one of Lviv's parks.
In the restaurant, we installed a "Basic CL" passenger elevator with a load capacity of 630 kg. Its design seamlessly blended with the architectural aesthetics of the establishment. The elevator cabin was crafted entirely from natural wood, exuding a light vintage style.

Above all, the elevator in the restaurant served its most crucial function — easing mobility and enhancing comfort for visitors, including those with limited mobility.

  • Elevator for Restaurant

    Passenger Elevator Basic CL

    Finish: Natural Veneer Wood

    ● Load Capacity: 630 kg● Controller: Elettroquadry MP2● Speed: 1 m/s● Travel Height: 6 m● Number of Stops: 2


Supply of Elevator Equipment

Elevator Installation and Commissioning Works in the Restaurant

Photos from the project