Elevators in Historical Museum

Modern and Comfortable Elevators for Visitors Kyiv, Ukraine

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In the historic Kyiv History Museum, we have designed and installed modern and comfortable elevators to facilitate seamless movement for visitors and individuals with limited mobility between the museum's floors. The following elevators were specifically engineered and installed:
● Two Basic CL Panoramic Elevators (1,000 kg) with a Non-Standard Pit of 300 mm: These panoramic elevators offer a captivating view of the exhibition halls during use.● One Basic CL Service Elevator (1,000 kg) for Staff and Exhibit Transportation.
The Kyiv History Museum opened its doors on Ukraine's Independence Day in 2012.

Installed Equipment:

  • Elevators in Historical Museum

    Passenger Elevators in the Museum

    Panoramic Passenger Elevator

    ● Duty load: 1,000 kg● Controller: NEW LIFT - FST II - XT● Speed: 1 m/s● Travel Height: 9.9 m● Number of Stops: 4● Non-Standard Pit: 300 mm

  • Elevators in Historical Museum

    Service Elevator Basic CL

    Stainless Steel Finish

    ● Duty load: 1,000 kg● Controller: NEW LIFT - FST II - XT● Speed: 1.0 m/s● Travel Height: 13.2 m● Number of Stops: 5

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Supply of Elevator Equipment

Installation and Commissioning Works

Operational Deployment

Elevator Service Maintenance in the Museum