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The project aimed to add a panoramic lift to the already functioning shopping center's atrium. Typically, panoramic lifts are located in metal-frame shafts. To minimize the risks of welding works that might inconvenience visitors, the client agreed to order a modular shaft from us.
Advantages of such a shaft: it doesn't require welding works; installation is done using bolted connections and anchor details, which speeds up the process several times. The installation kit also included external tempered triplex glass for the shaft, allowing saving time and costs by avoiding the involvement of other contractors.
Thus, our specialists independently carried out several types of work: shaft installation, lift installation in the shopping center, and shaft decoration with glass In the shopping center, the following equipment was installed:
● Modular panoramic shaft; ● Panoramic lift "Basic CL" with a duty load of 1000 kg; ● Cargo lift "Basic CL" with a duty load of 1600 kg.

Equipment Installed

  • Lifts for the Shopping Center

    Passenger Lift Basic CL

    Panoramic decoration

    ● Duty load: 1000 kg● Speed: 1 m/s ● Travel height: 4 m ● Number of Stops: 2

  • Lifts for the Shopping Center

    Cargo lift "Basic CL"

    Stainless Steel Finish

    ● Duty load: 1600 kg● Speed: 1.0 m/s ● Travel height: 8 m● Number of Stops: 3

Photos from the project


Delivery of lift equipment

Installation and commissioning works

Put into operation

Maintenance service for lifts in the shopping center