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Lift Cabin Interior Decoration

Lift cabin interior decoration is the process of refurbishing or modernizing the interior of lift cabins to enhance their appearance, comfort, and safety for passengers. This service can encompass various aspects, including floor covering replacement, wall installations, installation of new lighting fixtures, mirrors, control panels, and decorative elements.

The main stages of lift cabin interior decoration may include:

Lift Cabin Floor Replacement

Floor Replacement

New materials such as stone, tiles, or linoleum are selected for the lift cabin floor. Floor replacement can be done to improve the cabin's aesthetics or to provide greater passenger safety, such as applying anti-slip coatings.

Lift Cabin Wall Updates

Wall Updates

New cladding or panels are installed on the lift cabin walls. These can be decorative panels made from various materials such as metal, wood, glass, or plastic. This enhances the cabin's appearance and ensures easier cleaning and material durability.

Lift Cabin Lighting


Replacement of old light fixtures with more modern, brighter, and energy-efficient options. Additional lighting sources can be added to improve visibility inside the cabin.

Lift Cabin Mirrors and Control Panels

Mirrors and Control Panels

Old mirrors and control panels are replaced with new, more aesthetic and functional ones, significantly enhancing the cabin's appearance and convenience for passengers.

Lift Cabin Decorative Elements

Decorative Elements

Addition of decorative elements such as colorful stripes, graphic designs, or logos can give the cabin a more attractive look and express a specific style or brand.

These services are performed by a company specializing in lift equipment services. The cost of decoration depends on the scope of work, materials used, and the region.
Stylish lift decoration creates a pleasant and comfortable space for passengers, enhancing the overall impression of the building.
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