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Service lifts

Service lifts

A small freight elevator (service elevator of class V) is a permanent lifting device that serves certain floors and has a cabin that cannot be accessed by people due to its size and design.

Service or maintenance lifts are very convenient for transporting small loads or food to the right floor.

This type of lift can be made of food grade stainless steel or powder coated and has several door designs for convenience.

Also included in the kit is a self-supporting metal frame shaft, which requires only external finishing after the equipment is installed.

General characteristics:

    with and without a machine room;

    speed from 0.15 m/s to 0.4 m/s;

    load capacity from 50 kg to 300 kg;

    maximum cab size (HxWxD) 1200x1000x1000 mm;

    guillotine and swing doors;

    service height from 0 to 700 mm;

    electrically operated at the bottom or top;

    meets the current requirements of DSTU EN 81-3:2013.

Industry Segments:

    catering establishments;



    hotel complexes;

    private houses;


    wherever there is a need to transport small-sized cargo.

Advantages of service elevators from LM:

    The shaft is complete with an elevator.

    Takes up little space in the building.

    Easy to use and maintain.

    Doesn't make a lot of noise.

    Easily delivers goods to the desired floor.

    The display and sound signal notify you of your arrival at the floor.

    Fast installation of equipment.

However, it is worth noting that light-duty lifts have their own limitations in terms of weight and lifting height, so when lifting bulky goods with a significant lifting height, you need to use freight lifts.

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