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Supply and Installation of Panoramic Lift Shafts

This service includes the provision of special lift shafts adorned with glass finishing


These types of shafts allow the creation of an aesthetic and functional element, providing transparency and a visual effect.
While the classic shaft is welded and painted on-site, the new trend offers modular shaft structures with bolted connections, coated with durable powder paint.

Supply and Installation of Panoramic Lift Shafts

Key Benefits:

  • Elimination of Welding Works:
    Minimizes fire hazard by eliminating welding operations.

  • Clean Installation:
    Can be installed in a clean space after renovation, minimizing dirt from installation work.

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    Corrosion Resistance:
    Practically corrosion-free in the long term, unlike the classic option.

  • 58 Paint Roller

    No On-Site Painting:
    Eliminates pungent and long-lasting odors inside the building as there's no need for on-site painting.

  • Customization Options:
    Allows choice of color, material, and finishing for the shaft.

This modern approach ensures both functionality and aesthetics, meeting the demands of even the most discerning clients.

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