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Supply of Spare Parts for Lift and Hoisting Equipment

This service involves the provision of various components, parts, and spare parts necessary for the repair, replacement, or maintenance of lift and hoisting equipment. These can include electronic components, mechanical parts, cables, control buttons, sensors, bearings, drives, belts, chains, and much more.
We offer the supply of spare parts for lifts, escalators, and hoists from many well-known brands, such as Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, Kone, Orona, Otis, and others.

  • Analysis and Consultation

    Our experts collaborate with the client, conduct an analysis of the equipment's condition, and identify the need for spare parts. This helps understand which components are necessary to ensure the seamless operation of the equipment.

  • Selection and Supply

    Based on the identified needs, our experts assist in selecting the appropriate spare parts, liaise with suppliers, and place orders for supply. Spare parts can be original products from equipment manufacturers or equivalents from other manufacturers that meet technical specifications.

  • Delivery and Acceptance

    Spare parts are delivered to the destination, adhering to safety and integrity requirements. Our experts perform checks and acceptance of the delivered equipment to ensure its compliance with technical requirements and quality.

  • Installation and Service

    Technical specialists can install spare parts during repair or maintenance work. They ensure the necessary functionality and replacement of damaged or worn components to restore the effective operation of the equipment.

The supply of spare parts for lift and hoisting equipment ensures the availability of necessary components to guarantee uninterrupted equipment operation, prompt response to malfunctions, and the restoration of equipment efficiency in the shortest possible time.

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