Elevators in Residential Complex, Kyiv

Experience modern living with our state-of-the-art passenger and fire fighter elevator in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine

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In the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, LM Lift Mechanics has installed modern elevators, providing added comfort to residents in a premium residential complex. Initially, we modernized elevators from another manufacturer. Detailed information on this can be found here. Subsequently, our equipment was installed in the third phase, including:● One Comfort Panoramic Elevator● Three Basic X Passenger Elevators● One Elevator for Transporting Fire Brigades (Basic X)

Panoramic Elevator (630 kg)

This elevator is situated near the external stairs leading to the entrance of the residential complex, offering convenient access for people with limited mobility or those using wheelchairs. Specifically designed for outdoor use, this elevator ensures high reliability and comfort. Its design allows for year-round usage, thanks to heating systems, especially crucial during cold seasons.

  • Elevators in Residential Complex

    Comfort Passenger Elevator

    Panoramic Design

    ● Duty load: 630 kg● Controller: NEW LIFT - FST II - XT● Speed: 1 m/s● Travel Height: 4 m● Number of Stops: 2

General Specifications:

    Climate Resilience: Equipped with heating systems for comfort during cold weather.

    Cab and Door Sills: Crafted from acid-resistant stainless steel Aisi 316.

    Electronic Components: Protected against moisture (IP54).

    Control Panels: Vandal-resistant design for durability.

    Metal Frame Shaft and Elevator Parts: Galvanized for corrosion protection.

    Glass Shaft Cladding: Custom-made with UV protective filter.

Passenger Elevators in the Building

  • Elevators in Residential Complex

    Passenger Elevators Basic X

    Decor: Gold Stainless Steel and Wood

    ● Duty load: 1000 kg/1500 kg● Controller: NEW LIFT - FST II - XT Destino● Speed: 2.5 m/s● Travel Height: 90.3 m● Number of Stops: 28

  • Elevators in Residential Complex

    Fire fighter elevator Basic X – LTTP

    Stainless Steel Finish

    ● Duty load: 1000 kg● Controller: NEW LIFT - FST II - XT● Speed: 1.6 m/s● Travel Height: 90.3 m● Number of Stops: 29

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