Lift for a floating hotel

Elevator equipment in a floating buildingKyiv, Ukraine

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The hotel complex is moored at the picturesque mouth of the Dnipro River. Since the lift is to operate in a floating building, this means that there is a possibility of seismic vibrations. For this reason, seismic sensors were additionally installed, and if the vibrations reach a critical level, the lift will reach the nearest floor and stand with the doors open until the indicators stabilise.

In addition, the hotel's lift is also peculiar in that it has a non-standard 250 mm pit and counterweight catchers.

Installed Equipment

  • Lift for a floating hotel

    Passenger Lift Basic CL

    ● duty load 450 kg● speed 1 m/s● travel height 10.33 m● number of stops 4

    Why choose LM Liftmechanika? - Lift without pit 250 mm
    Features or uniqueness of the project (equipment): Located on a boat
    Design features: The design was done by the customer himself


Supply of Elevator Equipment

Installation and Commissioning Works

Operational Deployment

Maintenance of lifts in the shopping mall

Photos from the project