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Freight Lifts: Reliable and Productive Solutions for Cargo Transportation

Freight lifts, in their principle of operation, differ little from passenger lifts. Their main distinction lies in their high load capacity and cabin space. Freight lifts are characterized not only by technical advantages but also by exceptional features that make them ideal for the most demanding tasks in the transportation sector. From transporting cargoes of various types and sizes: from food products to industrial equipment.

General characteristics:

    with and without a machine room;
    speed from 0.63 m/s;
    load capacity up to 5000 kg;
    electrically operated;
    hydraulically operated;
    meets the current requirements of DSTU EN 81-20, DSTU EN 81-50, DSTU EN 81-21.

Freight elevators can operate in various weather conditions and with heavy equipment for loading and unloading. Some options include:

  • a system for heating moving parts against icing;

  • air conditioning systems for the cab and control station to maintain optimum operating temperatures;

  • IP 54 protection of electronics;

  • acid-resistant stainless steel as a finishing material;

  • bumpers in the cab at a regulated height;

  • reinforced door sills;

  • wear-resistant and impact-resistant floor covering.

Certified equipment from European and global manufacturers

  • Freight lifts

    Basic CL

    Electric lift with traction drive

    ● Load capacity 320 to 3200 kg.● Suspension 2:1.● Steel ropes 6.5 mm - 10 mm ● Speed from 0.63 m/s to 2.0 m/s● Lifting height up to 75 m.

  • Freight lifts

    Basic X

    Electric lift with traction drive

    ● Load capacity 320 to 5000 kg. ● Suspension 1:1, 2:1, 4:1.● Steel ropes 8 mm - 10 mm. ● Speed from 0.63 m/s to 4.0 m/s.

  • Freight lifts

    Hydro Line

    Electric lift with traction drive, without engine room

    ● Load capacity 320 - 15,000 kg. ● Backpack type frame. ● Suspension 1:1, 2:1. ● Speed 0.3 m/s - 0.63 m/s

We offer

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On-site measurement and equipment selection

Delivery of elevator equipment to your site

Installation and commissioning works

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

All components of the lift equipment are certified and manufactured in Europe. Most of them are manufactured in German factories, which guarantees high reliability in terms of operation, safety during use and long-term support of the equipment.

Our freight lifts are your experience of safety and convenience!