Modernization of Elevators in a Residential Complex in Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Our company carried out a series of works related to the modernization and installation of new lift equipment in a residential complex in Kyiv. In the first stage of the project, we modernized three lifts that were manufactured by another producer.

Electronics Replacement

Electronics and control stations in the three lifts were replaced

Cabin Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems were installed in the cabins to ensure passenger comfort

Passenger Flow Management System

Intelligent destination control systems from NEW LIFT Steuerungsbau GmbH were implemented in the new controllers , allowing for efficient improvement of lift productivity during peak hours and reducing waiting time from 5 minutes to 40 seconds.

LM Lift also handled the supply and installation of new equipment. For more details, please visit the Elevators in the Residential Complex in Kyiv page.Learn more about our service - Elevator Equipment Modernization.

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Photos from the project