Elevators in Annex Shafts for the Manufacturing Plant

Complex and Unusual Project Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Goods Elevators

This project is an extraordinary example of implementing elevator equipment where it might seem impossible. 
Two Basic X elevators are installed in annex shafts near industrial equipment structures. With a significant lift height of 76 meters, these elevators serve only 7 stops. It's crucial to note that these stops do not resemble typical physical floors and differ significantly from regular buildings.

The primary function of these elevators is to transport specialists of the manufacturing plant for inspection and maintenance of industrial equipment on every level. The elevators are also used for delivering necessary materials and equipment. To ensure constant monitoring of elevator operations on the industrial site, a remote monitoring system (Lift Monitoring System) was implemented. This system allows tracking movement, controlling temperature conditions, identifying faults, tracking failures, and even remotely rebooting the equipment. All of this became possible thanks to the control station from NEW LIFT Steuerungsbau GmbH.
As these elevators are located in an open environment and are exposed to various weather conditions, as well as operating in high-dust conditions, all metal parts of the elevators are made of acid-resistant stainless steel Aisi 316. They are equipped with heating systems for moving parts to prevent freezing, as well as air conditioning for electronic systems and cabins to maintain optimal temperatures. All electrical components are protected at IP54 level.

  • Elevators for the Manufacturing Plant

    Goods Elevators Basic X

    Stainless Steel

    ● Duty load: 2000 kg● Speed: 1.0 m/s● Travel Height: 76 m● Number of Stops: 7● Operating Environment Temperature Range: -40˚C to +60˚C● Controller: NEW LIFT - FST II - XT

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