Lifts and Escalators in the Shopping Center

Modern Lift Solutions for the Shopping Mall Kyiv, Ukraine

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To ensure the normal functioning and comfort of visitors in the shopping center, which has an area of 60,000 square meters, passenger lifts, lifts from the upper parking, cargo lifts, and escalators were installed.
In total, the following was installed:● One passenger lift "Comfort" for 1,600 kg to facilitate the transportation of people with disabilities;● Three passenger lifts "Basic X" for 2,000 kg to transport people from the above-ground parking to the shopping center;● Two cargo lifts "Basic X" for 2,500 kg;● Four units of escalators to ensure optimal passenger flow in the shopping center.

Installed Equipment

Passenger Lift "Comfort"

● Stainless steel● Duty load: 1600 kg ● Speed: 1 m/s● Travel height: 8 m● Number of stops: 3

Passenger Lift "Basic X"

● Stainless steel● Duty load: 2000 kg● Speed: 1 m/s● Travel height: 12 m● Number of stops: 4

Cargo Lifts "Basic X"

● Stainless steel● Load capacity: 2500 kg● Speed: 1 m/s● Travel height: 4 m● Number of stops: 2


● Stainless steel● Speed: 0.5 m/s ● Travel height: 4 m● Number of stops: 2

Photos from the project


Delivery of lift equipment

Installation and commissioning works

Put into operation

Maintenance service for escalators and lifts for the shopping center