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Lifts for people with limited mobility

ліфт для інвалідів

Driven lifting platforms for people with disabilities are special lifts that provide people with limited physical abilities, disabilities, etc. with unimpeded access to any administrative, public and private buildings, which in turn integrates people with limited mobility into society and creates conditions for a full life.

Our lifts for the disabled are divided into two types: inclined and vertical.

Inclined lifts (DSTU ISO 9386-2:2005 "Powered stair lifts for moving on an inclined plane for users sitting, standing and in wheelchairs") allow you to overcome stairs and height differences and are installed on various types of staircases.

Vertical lifts (DSTU ISO 9386-1:2005 "Vertical lifting platforms") provide convenient access between floors of buildings for the elderly and people with disabilities, giving them independence and autonomy.

Areas of application:

    shopping malls;

    residential buildings;

    business centres;

    administrative buildings;

    medical institutions or hospitals;

    educational institutions;

    hotel complexes;

    entertainment venues;

    recreation areas;

    private houses;



    catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, etc.

To ensure safe and comfortable operation, elevators and lifts for the disabled (MGN) are given the greatest attention in the production process among all lifting equipment.
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