Platform Lift for a Private Medical Clinic

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For the second time, we completed a project for our client, "Smart Medical Center," involving the selection and installation of lift equipment, this time for a new clinic.
In this project, as in the previous one, there was a demand for high-quality equipment manufactured in EU countries. The lift for the clinic was installed following inclusive requirements to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities or those in wheelchairs.
The technical feasibility of installing a lift in the medical center was limited by the building's structure, making it impossible to install a full-fledged pit. Therefore, it was decided to offer the customer a screw-type lift from a Lithuanian manufacturer. The advantages of this lift include the absence of a pit, the presence of a shaft in the kit, the compactness of the equipment itself, and platform dimensions that meet all requirements for transporting people with disabilities or moving people in wheelchairs.

Installed Equipment

  • A lift for people with disabilities for a private medical clinic

    Platform lift for a Private Medical Clinic
    Screw-type Lift SB200

    Finish: sandwich panels
    Features: 50 mm pit

    ● Duty Load: 400 kg● Speed: 0.15 m/s● Height of Lift: 3.6 m● Number of Stops: 2● Drive: Electric● Included: Shaft made of sandwich panels


Supply of Lift Equipment

Installation and Commissioning Works

Maintenance of the Wheelchair Lift

Photos from the project